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Robert Louis Group Facility Service is the standard in maintenance and repair delivery

Facility Management & Maintenance Services

Robert Louis Group is a fullservice facilities care company. We provide routine, preventative, and ondemand property maintenance, repair and vendor management services for commercial, government, and residential properties.

With Robert Louis Group in the driver seat, our clients facility maintenance needs are no longer a concern. Our mission is to remove the consistent burden and resources demand that facility require so that our clients can focus on their core business. Our success model integrates excellence through our people, processes, and a customized work order technology platform to manage all facility operations 24/7/365 days a year. We offer a comprehensive envelope of maintenance services customized and presented al carte for each client.

Whether you have one location or a diverse portfolio across the country; Robert Louis Group has you covered.


Vendor Management
Restaurant Equipment
Snow Removal


Client satisfaction starts with the little things!

Helping our clients improve their overall property appearance, performance, & customer experience. We want our Maintenance and Repair services to be the reason that you sleep well at night.

Worry-Free Maintenance

We do the work you do the living!

Our company culture embodies helping people in everything we do. We take the worry out of everyday needs from general handyman repairs, to unforeseen emergencies including long term preventative maintenance planning and implementation!

How It Works

We took the guess work out of maintenance services by  incorporating technology, people, and outstanding customer service to fit owners and tenants property needs.

Benefits of Working with RLG

Our objective is to provide outstanding facility services while reducing our clients’ overall facility spend through continuously improving delivery methods, quality of service and timely resolution.